Satinder Satti

Poet, Singer, Actor, Anchor, Activist. A pioneer in Punjabi entertainment, broke barriers for women and brought justice to the vulnerable with her legal expertise. Her journey is an inspiring tale of empowerment and cultural pride, paving the way for a more inclusive and equal world.

Meet Satinder Satti: A Story of Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Others

The journey as a woman who shattered  glass ceilings and barriers in professional life from time to time.  Global Punjabi Icon, Lawyer and philanthropist Satinder Satti inspired generations of Punjabi’s at an International level to outshine and lay down the path of success. 

She is the first woman in India  to carve out a role for women in the Punjabi Entertainment Industry. Her dynamic personality stood tall and established the brand value of a woman in male dominated industry. Satinder possesses a unique perspective on pivotal areas such as personal development, self-leadership, transformation, and change, rendering her a captivating and thought-provoking presenter.


A Creative Journey

Exploring Artistry: From Poetic Anthologies to Inspiring Radio, and Crafting Sustainable Fashion with an Eco-Friendly Flair

An Entrepreneur

Ne Regina: Satinder Satti’s Vegan Handbag Brand. Elevate your style with eco-friendly chic designer handbags that embody fashion with a conscience. Perfect for those who love cruelty-free accessories.

FM Radio

Dill Aapna Punjabi: A radio program since July 2016, rekindling Punjab’s rich history, heroes, and arts, inspiring today’s youth to become future leaders. Explore the tapestry of Sikh warriors, sporting legends, poets, and writers.


She has authored two books:

1. Anjameya Bott – an anthology of Poems

2. Kuch Khat Tere Naam – a novel [under
publication] .

Career Highlights

Showcasing Career Milestones and Notable Achievements

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